SMP Artizan is a company providing Guitar and Amp Tech services from simple setups to full custom work

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SMP Artizan was founded by Stewart Palmén of Trowbridge.

Stewart has been repairing guitars and fixing effects pedals since his teenage years (in the 70s!) After graduating from Salford University in 1983 Stewart spent 23 years in the Semiconductor Industry first as an Engineer then as a Marketing Manager. During that time he kept up his interest in Guitar manufacture spending a lot of his business trip times in Guitar shops around the world (Ochanomizu Tokyo being the best). In 2006 Stewart retrained as a secondary school teacher and spent 6 years teaching Design Technology in Wiltshire. From 1st August 2013 he started SMP Artizan to offer Guitar and Amp Tech Services to people in the South West of England centred in Trowbridge The County Town of Wiltshire

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  1. Great to visit your website, I believe we haven’t contact for more than 7 years (since you left ADI)? Met Tom Gratzek once and talk about you, :-).
    Although I am not that interest in Guitar but still envy that someone who can work in the field of his own interest…I will consider to extend my own interest after I retired also.

    • Charles good to hear from you! yes I am making an interest into a business, I have not retired just moved onto a different career again! all the best Charles, maybe see you one day in Taiwan!

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